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  • Strengthening Accountancy and audit education of financial statements preparers and tax employees and technical capacities of the accounting and audit professions


    The quality of the financial reports in the country is not in the right level.

    The fact was highlighted by Deputy and Minister of Finance, Elton Haxhi, during the certification activity provided by many accounting experts. According to Haxhi, “balance sheets have deficiencies, in particular the information provided in the notes, which are necessary to make the financial statements more transparent to the users.”

    It is known that a quality and transparent reporting of the company’s finances increases its credibility and at the same time the possibility of financing. In this way, companies can create the foundation for a steady growth.

    During the meeting at the Rogner Hotel, in Tirana, with many of finance experts, International Finance Corporation expert Keler Gjika said that “the quality of financial reporting is an important factor in economic growth.”

    With the support of the World Bank and the Department of Economic Affairs of the Swiss Government, the National Accounting Council has organized a training program for national and international accounting and financial reporting standards. The program was concluded with the training of 1200 accounting professionals.